Future Plans

From my part, in collaboration with famous and capable directors, we will create some new projects.
I would like to believe that those future projects, which will be a marriage between street photography, model sessions,
as well as useful messages through impressive scripts and satire of some breaking news, will produce much better results than this portfolio.
My aim is never a profit and will never be. It is clearly artistic expression.

Included some kind of sarcasm, irony and humour within these picture - stories the result could be more spicy and I believe some messages will be easier to be understood without making someone tired at the same time by viewing them.

When someone is away for many years, like me, misses, appreciates and loves his country more, so coming back one day he has usually more ways to help.

This message is mostly addressed to greek people. You must decide which Greece do you want and fight for it, Greece who is able of sending "first aid by drones" of a great future and progression or the one that the useless minority suggest with molotov and the dirt of ugly graffitis who think they can keep Greece out of the track and back to 40’s, which I believe should pass their time in prison for betrayal.

And the case is not that simple there are whole countries, organisations and institutions you must be aware of as well as plenty of you know.

The proper thing to do is to bother, sneak, sabotage all these who want Greece to remain back degraded for their own benefit. Same for the whole planet, but this is a sensitive part of the world that suffers unfaithfully at the recent years. I recommend to others, who can, to do obviously something more than me, although, any way soon or late, Greece will reach its older glory.

You must think who harms your country and your planet and stay against them.
All these strange personalities who today ruin our Earth should not be on the map.

Even smaller things like noise, strange taste, disorder but mainly illegal actions, violence as a result of luck of respect ruins our lives as well as our peace and love to each other.