Soulis Advertisements

 I will not make you tired with annual turnovers and all that economic terms but the innovation of the advertisement, my father ideas, without an advertisement company. People of a certain age in Greece, I am sure,  would all remember the brand name of heating on top of the installed hot boiler on the cellar the outdoor advertisements in the fields, hills, streets, buildings but also the vans that those years were sold without a top cover. Our offer then was this cover, to be paid by us if the advertisement of our company was there. So, that was a new media, a portable advertising that in our days are not happening anymore.

A representative example comes from a movie of these years. The movie is called Loustrakos made the in year 1962 and the in the particular scene which took place in Queen Sofia Ave (Leoforos Vassilissis Sofias) cross the street of the United States Embassy and next to Hilton hotel with the actress Miranda Kounelaki and Dimitri Papamihael, our famous actor married to also famous actress Aliki Vougiouklaki, where you can easily see the logo of our company in the background.
Another example, because are plenty in the older greek movies, is the one with or famous funny actor Thanassis Veggos, in one of his commedies called The Bald Secret Agent in 1969

Christmas Advertisement

Newspapers Christmas wishes in 1983 under my supervision since that time I had also undertaken the artistic part of the company and advertisement as well.